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American Fabrics International (AFI) is an east coast manufacturer of knitted fabrics. The company has been in business for more than ten years and the owners of the company have been involved in textiles for over 45 years in various capacities.

We have a standard line of basic and novelty knit fabrics that are custom engineered for various markets. We specialize in fabrics that are prepared for garment dyeing. We also do custom work with regard to special fabrications. Customers can bring us fabrics that they want manufactured and we are able to duplicate them in most cases. AFI maintains an extensive sample room for immediate sampling which is most unusual in the domestic market. AFI tries to keep a selection of base fabrics in greige goods form to expedite just-in-time shipping of production. The company works with a number of knitters, dyers, and finishers in order to maximize its ability produce a variety of different constructions for the markets in general. AFI is extremely flexible. We try to specialize in just-in-time deliveries, whether we are piece dyeing our customer's custom colors or preparing fabric that is for garment dyeing.

Our sales office is in New York City, NY where customers can come to to see the fabrics in our line and discuss with our sales representative the types of fabric that they may be sourcing. The customers are able to have a (hands-on) experience in order to make a more informed decision. AFI sells fabric to all markets; i.e., men's, ladies, and children's wear markets.

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